Slickwear is an eclectic eco-fashion retail store, and a supplier of custom eco-tshirts.The Company was founded by Yash Raval ( and Pranav Reddy ( in the fall of 2010, and is located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. We base our companies values on the principles of sustainable living, nonprofit development and promotion of incredibly slick wear.

Our store offers a diverse product base that centers around top-notch products, sustainable material, and unique merchandise from 100% eco-brands. We continuously strive to bring creative lines into our store, and promise to conduct business efficiently and effectively with all of our customers.

SlickWear’s partnership with Empty Thready Company is one we are extremely proud of. With their addition comes a new wing to SlickWear’s green fashion mission: Original Eco-t-shirts and apparel.

Slickwear’s blog offers insight into relevant updates, opinions and stories about environmentalism, and the growing green revolution. We encourage users to comment on any of our posts, and love it when guest writers submit their own articles. Feel free to comment on our posts or contact us directly at