Zak Franklin started Namaste – Wings to Fly America two years ago after spending a Summer teaching English in southern India. The Kani tribe was the poorest and most isolated group he met in India and Zak was moved by the determination of the Kani children to learn. However, with the great isolation and extreme impoverishment of the Kani, very few of them ever got the opportunity to go to school. Zak decided to start Namaste – Wings to Fly America so that more Kani children could have the opportunity to go to school and make better futures for them and their families. When we asked Zak about how he felt about working with SlickWear we were stoked to hear that he thought “SlickWear sounds like an awesome venture, I think we could do something really cool here”.

 Zak graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder in May 2010 and will begin law school at Cal-Berkeley Law School in August of 2011.

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