The Green Lifestyle Film Festival (GLFF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, grassroots organization whose intention is to create a new vision for films and all media.

By organizing a film festival annually, we invite filmmakers, sponsors, donors, press/media and the public who wish to join with our mission to change the modern day pervasive media messages based on fear and violence in films to films that address the reasons behind such distorted images of mankind and our role here, with films that challenge us and inspire us to live lives of inspiration and to become the magnificent beings that lie within each of us.

This festival is therefore a celebration of film makers who dedicate their talents, income and energy to examining what sustainability really means:

from how we birth our young, to how we raise children, the construction and design of homes in which we live, to how we deal with illness, how we move about the earth in our physical bodies, how we leave our bodies,  and how all this is reflected in how we feed ourselves, to how we treat others in the animal kingdom all in the name of “the perfect steak” the “fashionable coat or accessories” or for entertainment, and its impact on all spheres of life on Planet Earth.

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