Our vision is to build the Catalyst Foundation Community Center with ten different buildings and areas to provide families with access to services and facilities that contribute to their community’s long-term growth and sustainability.   The most essential service at the center will be a safe shelter for women and children that have been abused and victimized.

Our multi-faceted development approach is community driven, low-tech and sustainable for the long run. It will be guided every step of the way by the community and targeted specifically to meet their needs. During the last 3 years, this approach has had huge successes with women starting their own businesses, children learning to read, families staying healthier with proper medical attention and more food, and some members of the community even have better housing.  The Community Center will offer buildings for vocational training, production of sellable goods, marketable services, childcare, computer and adult education classes.   A community garden will be used to teach about growing and eating nutritious and wholesome local produce. There will also be an open-air marketplace and cafeteria that will serve as a gathering place for community members to come together.

We want to continue to empower, and provide the information and tools that this community needs to make a sustainable difference in their future. We know that the Catalyst Foundation Community Center is the best way to break the cycle of poverty. This is the best way to make a positive change: one woman, one child, one family at a time.

Working with SlickWear is helping us to reach this goal….please help make a difference!