Organic cotton refers to cotton that is grown, natured and harvested without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Many fashion lovers are surprised to find that high profile designers are using fabrics made from Organic Cotton, so this made us wonder… “Why opt for organic cotton rather than Industrial cotton?”

Regular cotton consists of pesticides. These pesticides rapidly increase the growth of cotton, and deplete the soil of much needed nutrients. In addition these pesticides stay on the shirts, and have risk factors relating to skin allergies. In addition these Pesticides that are used in making regular cotton have high risk factors on your skin and health.

Organic cotton is safe to use and helps in sustaining our environment and keeping farmers around the world employed. Organic cotton does not contain pesticides, and can be farmed without causing harm to the soil. Perhaps the only downside to growing organic cotton is that it requires much more time and care to grow. But in an economy where people are hurting to find jobs, why not support an industry that has the need for more and more individuals to mass produce their goods.  Add this to the fact that to growing industrially produced cotton requires 3000 more cubic meters of water than organic cotton, and the slick choice becomes clear