Slickwear is an eco-fashion, retail store that specializes in designer eco-bags.  We also take great pride in providing information and opinions on the rapidly growing eco fashion industry, and support environmental initiatives by donating a portion of our profits to up and coming green projects. Slickwear was founded by Yash Raval (@SlickEcoCEO) and Pranav Reddy(@preddyc) in the fall of 2010, and has quickly become and active voice for eco-friendly fashion in the retail industry.

Our store offers a diverse product base that centers around top notch products, sustainable material, and unique merchandize from socially conscious brands. We continuously strive to bring creative lines into our store, and promise to conduct business efficiently and effectively with all of our customers.

Slickwear’s blog offers insight into relevant updates, opinions and stories about environmentalism, and the growing green revolution. We encourage users to comment on any of our posts, and love it when guest writers submit their own articles. Feel free to comment on our posts or contact us directly

Perhaps our most direct contribution to “going green” has been our “Initiatives” mission. Every month Slickwear donates a portion of our profits to a green project. We also immerse ourselves in the projects objectives, dreams and results in our blog and hope to open some eyes in the process. Follow us on Twitter (@Slickwear), “like” us on Facebook, or just peruse our site and give us your 2 cents on how we are doing. Be part of the change.